Brand Ethics


Brandcheckout is a company whose primary aim is to add values to the fitness and sporting community and do so responsibly.

Although Is a platform that sells product from many different vendors, rather than view the relationship as purely transactional or just a marketplace, we view it as a community.

We put the safety and security of everyone in the community, from the buyers on this platform, to the vendors and our staff foremost.

We will be an active and responsive listener to everyone in the community to bring about improvement that will enhance safety and user experience.

We acknowledge the important of your personal information, not only from the legal and data protection stand point but also from a moral standpoint, hence we commit to protecting and safeguarding any personal information we acquired from you in the course of doing business with us and only use them solely and strictly for the primary purpose to which the information was provided.

We are building this brand on authenticity and originality