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The Key Benefits of Skipping Rope

by Oluwakemi Olushola

A PVC freestyle long handle rope

I describe rope skipping or jump rope as the most time, space and cost-effective of all cardiovascular exercise. For a price as low as a tenner and a 15minute swing on a spot without leaving your front door, you would shed about the same number of calories as the fella doing 2-mile dash round about town.

So, what are the key benefits of jump rope? Am listing them not in a particular hierarchy, because depending on why you are picking up a skipping rope, you may find certain benefit more important than others. 

1. Burns Major Calories:

Skipping rope or jump rope is a major cardiovascular (or cardio) exercise like jogging or bike riding. According to the study by science daily, Skipping or Jump rope is an aerobic exercise that can achieve a "burn rate" of up to 1300 calories per hour of vigorous activity, with about 0.1 calories consumed per jump, to put it in context, a 10min jump rope session is equivalent to an 8-minute mile run.

The key advantages of jump rope over other cardiovascular exercises lie in the variation of skill level and tricks that can be incorporated to make it extremely fun and enjoyable while at the same time achieving the primary goal of burning calories, coupled with the fact you do not even need to leave a spot to complete a whole session compare to bike riding and running.

RopeMaster JumpRope by Buddy Lee  Ropemaster by Buddy Lee

Ropemaster speed pvc jump rope by Buddy Lee

2. Triggers the “Afterburn Effect”:

Jump rope is a major EPOC Triggers (Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption): We continue to burn calories even in our resting state, this process is particularly pronounced after an exercise or intense activities due to elevation of body metabolism. EPOC helps the body to return to the pre-workout state or recover from the workout, in the process continue to burn even more calories in addition to the calories burned during the workout. EPOC is accompanied by an elevated consumption of fuel. In response to exercise, fat stores are broken down and free fatty acids (FFA) are released into the bloodstream. In recovery, the direct oxidation of free fatty acids as fuel and the energy consuming re-conversion of FFAs back into fat stores both take place.

Types of Jump rope

3. Improve balance and coordination:

jump is a motor skill that is easy to pick up but that has vast advantages, one of which include coordination. Jump rope or skipping involves hand-feet coordination and timing that allows the rope to spin past over the head and under the feet, acquiring or mastering this skill enables or enhances one’s coordination as it uses multiple groups of muscles almost simultaneously and in a repetitive pattern. Repetitive jumping generally results in the development of lower limb muscles which can contract at short intervals, thereby increasing response rate or shortening response time i.e. you become more agile on your feet. Think about combat athletes like professional boxers, martial artist etc


Switchrope is a 3 weight interchangeable jump rope system

4. It is a lower impact activity; 

Compared to jogging, skipping rope when done properly even though appears to have a direct impact on the joints i.e. hip, knees and ankle, it actually has a lower impact on those joints compared to other cardiovascular activities such as jogging and considering the number of calories you will burn for the same amount of time, the impact on the joint is relatively lower.

Aero Speed Jump Rope by Buddy Lee

Aero Speed Jump Rope by Buddy Lee

5. Improves bone density:

Like the muscle, the bone is living tissue, it responds to exercise. Due to the ageing process, however, we reach maximum peak bone density between the 2nd to the 3rd decade of life, studies show that exercise generally improves this maximum peak bone density in male and female. Jump rope uses the full musculoskeletal system simultaneously, unlike other activities that concentrate on a specific area of the body, this makes jump rope the ideal exercise to increase the whole-body bone density at the same time.

6. Improves mental acuity:

Turns out that jump rope is both physical and mental exercise, i.e. it is not just motor activities, it Is also a cognitive related activity. The coordination required for acquiring the simple and sometimes complex and intricate tricks is more than just the physical aspect, it is a cognitive function that can be improved with consistency.

How Adidas, Nike and Under Armour created history by power of vision.

by Oluwakemi Olushola

Stars are born in every generation and history can be created in any generation, it does require a vision to see beyond the moment and pick out the signal from the noise.

Adidas was created in 1924 by Adolf "Adi" Dassler after returning from the war. this could only mean that, even during the war, his mind was pre-occupied by his vision to create what would become ADIDAS, a brand that outlived him and crossed generation to this very moment. 

Nike was created 40 years after ADIDAS, the visionaries that saw what would become Nike today, Bill Bowerman, a track-and-field coach at the University of Oregon, and his former student Phil Knight could have been discouraged by the existence of ADIDAS, but it took vision to see beyond the giant in front of them. Nike went on to enjoy a meteoric rise to prominent and now sit atop sports' brand that cut across generations and appeal beyond borders.

Thirty-one years after Nike was founded, and seventy-one years after the creation of Adidas, Kevin Plank, the special team captain of University of Maryland football team founded Under Armour. The rest is history.

Today, despite being founded in different generations, these names remained house hold names in sports gears. it required vision for Under Armour to see beyond Nike and Adidas as obstacle, it requires inspiration for Nike to see beyond Adidas, they did not particularly re-invent the wheel, but they brought an entirely new perspective to sports gear and apparel.

The existence of competitors or giants in your chosen or prospective field is not a reason not to start, the lack of passion and/or motivations are key to your reluctance and most probably ultimately failure to start or failure if ventured half-hearted.

Be inspired, start today, start now...

COVID-19: information and supports for brandcheckout.com vendors

by Oluwakemi Olushola


We at BRANDCHECKOUT are reaching out to all brands, creators, entrepreneurs and sellers on our platform. We acknowledges the challenging trading atmosphere we suddenly found ourselves in as a result of the COVID-19 virus, and the subsequent government sensible restrictions on movement and businesses in place to curb the spread of the virus.

This, no doubt has a direct short to long term impact on your businesses which ultimately will result in tough decision being made.

We just want to bring to your notice, which you may or may not already know, that there are help out there, although these will differ for different businesses, however, It is important you realise that you are not alone and should speak to your financial adviser, bank or government agencies to explore available help.

Below are links to some help being made available by the UK government, and if you are receiving this email but domicile outside the UK, it is still worthwhile to talk to government agencies in your country for practical help at this difficult time.

1. TIME TO PAY : This is a UK government HMRC help for companies or self employed people that may be struggling with their tax liabilities. 

2. DEFERMENT OF SELF-ASSESSMENT : This helps you to delay payment of your self-assessment which will be due ordinarily by end of July 2020 to January 2021

3. SELF-EMPLOYMENT INCOME SUPPORT : A lot of entrepreneurs are start-up, and usually struggle with cash flow as it is, this will be made worse by covi-19 and as such the self employment income support scheme is a very useful help 

The most important thing to note at this point is that this event is unprecedented, and it affects virtually everyone and every business, for this reason, banks and governments are stepping in to provide some sort of relief or at least from what I gather showing some understanding in dealing with businesses with respect to help, support and loans.

It is our wish at brandcheckout.com that we all come out in one piece at the other side of COVID-19 to return to normality, as there are so many things we are going to achieve together.

Until then stay bless




by Oluwakemi Olushola

In a recent poll we asked “what is the single most important factor you would consider before choosing your next running/training shoes?

The overwhelming response supports technology over price or brand, although you can say the big brands are ahead with deep pocket hence, they can invest in the development of high-tech shoes for different situation.

Here we present the NIKE AIR ZOOM TERA KIGER 5, one of Nike off-road trail running shoes. This is a Nike re-imagined design for an off-road trail blazing run with embedded features to protect the foot from injuries and provide comfort. This followed the Air zoom wildhorse 5 and the Pegasus trail 36. In Nike’s own word, the Tera Kiger is an ultra-lightweight with an average weight of 289g for a size 9.

The shoe combined various Nike’s technology like the Zoom Air unit in the heel for responsive cushioning, the react technology that provide a lightweight and durable foam that delivers smooth ride. The upper design enhances breathability with a synthetic and perforated mesh that drains water.

The NIKE tag line for this shoe is “Conquer wet, rocky trail”, we believe this is provided by the sticky rubber pods on the outsole that delivers wet-surface traction. There is an overlay around the forefoot and a padded shoe tongue that helps to relieve pressure from the lacing. We mention foot protection and comfort earlier, another feature that underline that claim is the segmented rock plate in the forefoot that helps shield the foot from rough terrain. The rubber heel in a rugged waffle pattern is a high-abrasion grade that provides multi surface traction and durability while the multi-directional lugs have a sharp, crisp shape that enhance grip in all conditions



The best goods for youngsters

by Oluwakemi Olushola

Be stylish, be brave with Brandcheckout awesome walking shoes.